Deploy and Launch FindFace Security

In this chapter:

Deploy FindFace Security

To deploy FindFace Security on Windows, do the following:

  1. Install the Docker virtualization environment (see Docker’s official documentation).

  2. In the Docker settings, share the hard drive with FindFace Security to be installed. To do so, navigate to Settings —> Shared Drives, select the drive and apply Share.

  3. In the Docker settings, allocate the maximum possible number of CPU cores and required amount of RAM to support Docker’s own needs and video processing of all the cameras in use (for example, 6 Gb for 1 camera in use, 8 Gb for 2 cameras, etc.). See System Requirements for details.

  4. Launch Install-FindFaceSecurity-1.1.exe.


  5. Follow the Installation Wizard’s instructions. During the installation, you will need to select the IP address of the ffsecurity component that will be used to access the FindFace Security web interface. The list of possible IP addresses is numbered. In the utility window, enter the right number and press Enter.


  6. After the installation is complete, leave Start FindFace Security and open its webpages and Show Readme checked, and click Finish. You will see a command prompt, featuring statistics for the FindFace Security components, appear, as well as the FindFace Security main web page and the web interface of the license server. Use the license server web interface to upload your license file. You will find all the links and credentials you need to get started with FindFace Security in the newly opened readme.txt.


    Work with FindFace Security through the web interface available via http on port 8081.




    You can find the README file in the installation directory (Program Files —> FindFace Security by default).

Launch and Manage FindFace Security

In order to launch, restart, or stop FindFace Security, use shortcuts in the Start menu.



You can find the relevant EXE files in the installation directory (Program Files —> FindFace Security by default).