Additional video-worker deployment on remote hosts

Use the additional installer to install video-worker on a remote host.

To deploy video-worker from the additional installer, do the following:

  1. Download the installer file <video-worker-xxx>.run.

  2. Put the .run file into some directory on the designated host (for example, /home/username).

  3. From this directory, make the .run file executable.

    chmod +x <video-worker-xxx>.run
  4. Execute the .run file. The video-worker component will be automatically installed.

    sudo ./<video-worker-xxx>.run
  5. Open the /etc/video-worker.ini configuration file for editing.

    sudo vi /etc/video-worker.ini
  6. In the ntls-addr parameter, specify the NTLS host IP address.

  7. In the mgr-static parameter, specify the videomanager-api host IP address, which provides video-worker with settings and the video stream list.

  8. In the capacity parameter, specify the maximum number of video streams to be processed by video-worker.