Additional findface-video-worker deployment on remote hosts

To install only the findface-video-worker service, do the following:


Before deployment, be sure to consult the system requirements.


If you have several video cards on your server, see Multiple Video Cards Usage before deploying findface-video-worker-gpu.

  1. Download the installer file

  2. Put the .run file into some directory on the designated host (for example, /home/username).

  3. From this directory, make the .run file executable.

    chmod +x
  4. Execute the .run file.

    sudo ./

    The installer will ask you a few questions and perform several automated checks to ensure that the host meets the system requirements. Fill out the prompts appropriately once requested. The questions are the following:

    1. Product to install: FindFace Video Worker.
    2. Type of findface-video-worker package: CPU or GPU.
    3. IP address of the ffsecurity host.

    After that, the installation process will automatically begin.


    The answers will be saved to a file /tmp/<findface-installer-*>.json. You can edit this file and use it to install FindFace Security on other hosts without having to answer the questions again.


If you chose to install findface-ntls and/or findface-video-manager on different hosts than that with ffsecurity, specify their IP addresses in the findface-video-worker configuration file after the installation.

sudo vi /etc/findface-video-worker-cpu.ini
sudo vi /etc/findface-video-worker-gpu.ini

In the ntls-addr parameter, specify the findface-ntls host IP address.


In the mgr-static parameter, specify the findface-video-manager host IP address, which provides findface-video-worker with settings and the video stream list.



To automatically install findface-video-worker on another host without answering the installation questions, use the /tmp/<findface-installer-*>.json file. Execute:

sudo ./ -f /tmp/<findface-installer-*>.json

You can find an example of the installation file in Installation File.