Restore Options

To restore the biometric database from a backup, you need the findface-storage-api-restore utility. It can be launched with the following options:


You can find the detailed information on the findface-storage-api-restore usage in Backup and Restore Data Storages.

findface-storage-api-restore --help
Usage of findface-storage-api-restore:
  -cache string
        Cache type: inmemory, redis or memcache (default "memcache")
  -cache-inmemory-size int
        Maximum number of items in ARC cache (default 16384)
  -cache-memcache-nodes value
        Comma-separated list of memcache shards (default
  -cache-memcache-timeout duration
        Specifies read/write timeout (default 100ms)
  -cache-redis-addr string
        Host:Port address (default "localhost:6379")
  -cache-redis-db int
        Database to be selected after connecting to the server.
  -cache-redis-network string
        Network type, either tcp or unix (default "tcp")
  -cache-redis-password string
        Optional password. Must match the password specified in the requirepass server configuration option.
  -cache-redis-timeout duration
        Specifies dial/read/write timeout (default 5s)
  -config string
        Path to config file
        Output config template and exit
  -extraction-api-extraction-api string
        Extraction API address (default "")
  -extraction-api-timeouts-connect duration
        extraction-api-timeouts-connect (default 5s)
  -extraction-api-timeouts-idle-connection duration
        extraction-api-timeouts-idle-connection (default 10s)
  -extraction-api-timeouts-overall duration
        extraction-api-timeouts-overall (default 35s)
  -extraction-api-timeouts-response-header duration
        extraction-api-timeouts-response-header (default 30s)
        Allow returning raw feature vectors to detect responses if ?return_facen=true
  -limits-body-image-length int
        Maximum length of image supplied in request body (default 33554432)
  -limits-deny-networks string
        Comma-separated list of subnets that are not allowed to fetch from (default ",,,::1/128,fe00::/8")
  -limits-url-length int
        Maximum supported url length in bytes (default 4096)
  -listen string
        IP:port to listen on (default ":18411")
        Enables normalize saving (default true)
  -normalized-storage-s3-access-key string
        Access key for the object storage
  -normalized-storage-s3-bucket-name string
        S3 storage bucket name
  -normalized-storage-s3-endpoint string
        S3 compatible object storage endpoint
  -normalized-storage-s3-operation-timeout int
        Storage operations (Get,Put,Delete) timeout in seconds (default 30)
  -normalized-storage-s3-public-url string
        Storage public url
  -normalized-storage-s3-region string
        Storage region
  -normalized-storage-s3-secret-access-key string
        Secret key for the object storage
        If 'true' API requests will be secure (HTTPS), and insecure (HTTP) otherwise (default true)
  -normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-connect duration
        normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-connect (default 5s)
  -normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-idle-connection duration
        normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-idle-connection (default 10s)
  -normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-overall duration
        normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-overall (default 35s)
  -normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-response-header duration
        normalized-storage-webdav-timeouts-response-header (default 30s)
  -normalized-storage-webdav-upload-url string
        webdav storage for normalized, disable normalized if empty string (default "")
  -normalized_storage string
        Normalized storage type: webdav, s3 (default "webdav")
  -storage-api-max-idle-conns-per-host int
        storage-api-max-idle-conns-per-host (default 20)
  -storage-api-timeouts-connect duration
        storage-api-timeouts-connect (default 5s)
  -storage-api-timeouts-idle-connection duration
        storage-api-timeouts-idle-connection (default 10s)
  -storage-api-timeouts-overall duration
        storage-api-timeouts-overall (default 35s)
  -storage-api-timeouts-response-header duration
        storage-api-timeouts-response-header (default 30s)