Render Detection ResultsΒΆ

The fkvideo_detector component does not process FindFace Server responses to face identification and camera operation API requests. You should write your own proxy script that will manage communication between fkvideo_detector and FindFace Server and redirect API responses to an application that can process and render them. A typical rendering topology is shown on the diagram below:


When writing the proxy script, hold to the following logic:

  1. A request from fkvideo_detector transparently goes to FindFace Server in the following format:

    curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Token ntech' -F "gender=true" -F "emotions=true" -F "age=true" -F "cam_id=1b19a189-26b9-42e5-8cd8-6cabde79dc7e" -F "timestamp=2017-08-25T13:09:54" -F "bbox=[[620,380,1383,1143]]" -F "[email protected]" -F "[email protected]_norm.png" -F 'detectorParams={"score": -0.000911839, "direction_score": -0.568228}'
  2. As FindFace Server replies to fkvideo_detector, your proxy script should redirect the response to your application for further processing.


    FindFace Server responses to requests sent directly or by fkvideo_detector are same. They may contain a link to a face thumbnail and other data which can be parsed in your application.