Troubleshoot Uploads

Issues with the findface-upload component result in unavailability of the Uploads folder content at http://<findface_upload_IP:3333/uploads/ and in the FindFace web interface.


The Uploads folder contains the original images which have been processed by FindFace Server, and the FindFace Server artifacts such as face thumbnails and normalized images.

In this section:

Uploads in FindFace Web UI

Issue: Original images, face thumbnails, and face normalized images are not displayed in the FindFace web interface after the findface-upload host IP address has been changed.

Each face object in the MongoDB database is provided with the following links to the Uploads folder:

  • Link to the relevant original image
  • Links to the relevant FindFace Server artifacts: the face thumbnail and normalized image

If the findface-upload host IP address happens to change, the links to the Uploads folder get broken, and the original images and artifacts can no longer be displayed in the web interface.

To fix the problem, bulk-edit the links in the photo, thumbnail and normalized fields of the face objects in MongoDB as follows:

  1. On the console, navigate into MongoDB and then into the facenapi database.

    use facenapi
  2. Invoke a random face object to make sure that the old IP address is still in use in its photo, normalized, and thumbnail fields ( in the case study).

            "_id" : NumberLong("3871027550645276"),
            "y2" : 383,
            "x2" : 397,
            "x1" : 84,
            "y1" : 71,
            "facen" : BinData(0,"CKftuU5t6j+...+tdKD0E1M29="),
            "gender" : "female",
            "age" : 38.75063705444336,
            "emotions" : [
            "meta" : "",
            "photo_hash" : "6209c1a017972f8b18fada3f9e4d2768",
            "timestamp" : ISODate("2017-12-01T09:22:16.950Z"),
            "gallery" : [
            "person_id" : 13,
            "friend" : false,
            "owner" : ObjectId("5a0e96928acdc01dab404bdd"),
            "photo" : "",
            "normalized" : "",
            "thumbnail" : ""
  3. Apply the IP address replacement script to the photo, normalized, and thumbnail fields of the face objects. In the case study, the IP address is being replaced with

    db.faces.find().forEach(function(e,i) {"//","//"); e.normalized=e.normalized.replace("//","//"); e.thumbnail=e.thumbnail.replace("//","//");; });
  4. Invoke a random face object once more to make sure that the IP address has been successfully changed.

    "photo" : "",
    "normalized" : "",
    "thumbnail" : ""