Dossier Custom Tabs, Fields, and Filters

It is often necessary that a dossier feature additional tabs and fields in the web interface.

See also

To create dossier custom fields in your Tarantool-based feature vector database, see Dossier Face Custom Metadata in Tarantool.

To add custom tabs and fields to a dossier, do the following:

  1. Prepare the list of custom tabs and fields you want to add to a dossier.

  2. Open the /etc/findface-security/ configuration file.

    sudo vi /etc/findface-security/
  3. Into the FFSECURITY section, uncomment the CUSTOM_FIELDS section and modify the exemplary content, considering the following:

    • 'items': the list of fields in a dossier. Describe each field with the following parameters:

      • 'name': field’s internal name, string.

      • 'label': field’s label in the web interface, string.

      • 'display': display format (form or list), string or array.

      • 'tab': tab that features the field. If not specified, the field appears on the main dossier page (that with a photograph).

      • 'editable': field’s editability, boolean.

      • 'type': field data type, string. Possible values:

        • list: requires items, additional parameter for lists (see below), expects objects {id, name} in dictionaries;

        • valuelist: expects elements of primitive types.

        • objectlist: allows for creating arrays of objects of required types.

        • datetime: primitive data type displayed as a datetime list.

        • date: primitive data type displayed as a date picker.

        • boolean: primitive data type displayed as a checkbox.

        • string: primitive data type string.

      • additional parameters for lists (type=list, type=valuelist):

        • multiple: possibility of selecting several items in the list, boolean.

        • items: dictionary used as a data source for the list.

        • allow_create: possibility of adding new items to the list.

        • custom_id: custom field for id (type=list).

      • additional parameters for object lists (type=objectlist).

        • object: objects used as a data source for the object list.

        • simple: indicator that the field expects data of a primitive type instead of objects, for example, expects strings with phone numbers.

    • 'filters': the list of search filters associated with the custom fields. Parameters:

      • 'name': filter’s internal name,

      • 'label': filter’s label in the web interface,

      • 'field': associated field in the format [field name].

    • 'tabs': the list of tabs in a dossier. The first listed tab corresponds to the main dossier page.

        # Edit CUSTOM_FIELDS section to customize dossier content.
        # Below is an example for integration FindFace Security with Sigur.
        'CUSTOM_FIELDS': {
            'dossier_meta': {
                'items': [
                        'name': 'personid',
                        'default': '',
                        'label': 'PersonID',
                        'display': ['list', 'form'],
                        'description': 'Sigur person ID',
                        'editable': False
                        'name': 'firstname',
                        'default': '',
                        'label': 'First Name',
                        'display': ['list', 'form'],
                        'description': 'Sigur first name',
                        'editable': False
                        'name': 'lastname',
                        'default': '',
                        'label': 'Last Name',
                        'display': ['list', 'form'],
                        'description': 'Sigur last name',
                        'editable': False
                        'name': 'version',
                        'default': '',
                        'label': 'Version',
                        'display': ['list', 'form'],
                        'description': 'Sigur photo version',
                        'editable': False
                'filters': [
                        'name': 'personid',
                        'label': 'Sigur person ID filter',
                        'field': 'personid'
  4. Restart the findface-security service.

    sudo systemctl restart findface-security.service
  5. You will see the custom content appear in the web interface.