Deduplicate Events

In this section:

Consider enabling Deduplication to exclude coinciding object recognition events within one camera group.

Enable Deduplication

To enable event deduplication, do the following:

  1. Enable the offline video detection mode for each camera in the group. See Add Camera for details.

  2. Navigate to the Preferences tab. Click Camera Groups.

  3. Open the camera group settings.

  4. Check Deduplicate Events and specify the deduplication interval in seconds.

How It Works

The deduplication algorithm works as follows. In the offline mode, the server receives one best object snapshot per tracking session on a camera.


A tracking session continues until an object disappears from the camera field.

If there are several tracking sessions on a camera(s) of a camera group within the specified deduplication interval, FindFace Multi handles the received snapshots in the following way:

  • If there is a match with a dossier within the preceding deduplication interval, FindFace Multi drops a newly acquired snapshot. Otherwise, it saves the snapshot to the database.

  • For unmatched objects, FindFace Multi considers both the similarity between objects and snapshot quality when performing deduplication. As a result, FindFace Multi drops all snapshots within the deduplication interval unless a new object snapshot is of higher quality. Thus, it guarantees the system deduplicates events without skipping high-quality objects, which are essential for further video analytics.