findface-facerouter and Custom Plugins


The findface-facerouter is not included in the FindFace Multi standard configuration. Use it for integration if necessary.

The findface-facerouter service sets processing directives for objects detected in the video. The directives are set through custom plugins.

The findface-facerouter service accepts an object bbox and normalized image along with the original image and other data (for example, the detection date and time) from the findface-video-worker service.

In general, findface-facerouter allows you to apply arbitrary processing directives to the received objects, including directly sending objects to a partner application. In FindFace Multi, the findface-facerouter functions are performed by the findface-security service that redirects the objects to findface-sf-api.


  • sets processing directives for objects detected in the video,

  • redirects objects detected in the video to findface-sf-api or other service (including a third-party application) for further processing.

The findface-facerouter configuration is done through a configuration file /etc/ You can find its default content here.

When configuring findface-facerouter, refer to the following parameters:




IP address and port of the findface-sf-api host.


Directory with plugins to define object processing directives.