Video Wall

FindFace Multi allows for basic video surveillance. Use the Video Wall to display the video image from cameras and video files.

In this chapter:

Configure Video Wall

You can set up the Video Wall features that determine how it highlights objects in the video:

To configure the Video Wall, do the following:

  1. Open the /etc/findface-security/ configuration file.

    sudo vi /etc/findface-security/
  2. Find the FFSECURITY_UI_CONFIG -> available_video_wall_features section.

  3. Set "faces", "cars", "bodies" True or False to enable/disable the bbox and attribute data display for the relevant objects.

        "available_video_wall_features": {
            "faces": True,
            "cars": False,
            "bodies": True,
  4. Set "gdpr": True to enable blurring all unmatched objects displayed on the Video Wall.


    To fully comply with the personal data protection laws, follow this guide.

        "available_video_wall_features": {
            "gdpr": True
  5. Restart findface-security.

    sudo systemctl restart findface-security.service

Display Video

The Video Wall offers two modes, four predefined layouts in each:

  • video streaming

  • video streaming with object detection and episode feed

To display video on the Video Wall, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Video Wall tab.

  2. Select a mode and camera layout.


  3. Drag-n-drop cameras of your choice to the Video Wall.

You can work with the episode feed on the Video Wall in the same manner as with the Episodes tab, including the following basic filters:

  • Watch Lists

  • Matches.

  • Acknowledged.