Welcome to FindFace Security’s documentation!

About FindFace Security

FindFace Security is a video-based biometric identification system that automates Security and Hospitality Operations Management. It can be harnessed in such areas as retail, banking, social networking, entertainment, sports, event management, dating services, video surveillance, public safety, homeland security, etc.

FindFace Security detects and identifies faces of the unwanted persons and VIP guests in video, and notifies security and hospitality managers about their arrival.

Early recognition of the arrival of unwanted persons and VIP guests allows for solving the following problems:

  • Operational losses due to fraudulent activity
  • Reputational losses and conflicts
  • Better catering to the needs of VIP guests
  • Prevention of life threatening situations

This guide is intended for the FindFace Security administrators, security and hospitality managers, and maintenance engineers.


You can find this guide at http://docs.findface.pro/projects/ffsecurity/en/1.1-windows/index.html and at http://<ffsecurity_ip>/doc/ after installation.