Configure Episodes

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About Episodes

An episode is a set of identification events that feature faces of the same person, detected within a certain period of time.

There are two types of episodes:

  • LIVE: an episode is currently active, with more events to be possibly added.
  • Closed: an episode is closed, no events can be added.

Episode Settings

To configure the episodes, use the findface-security configuration file. You need to add the following parameters into the FFSECURITY section:

  • EPISODE_SEARCH_INTERVAL: The period of time preceding an event, within which the system searches the biometric database for events with similar faces. If no such an event is found, the system creates a new episode. Otherwise, it picks up the most relevant event from a LIVE episode after sorting out the 100 most recent similar faces.


    The threshold similarity in episodes is the same as for face verification. See General Preferences.

  • EPISODE_MAX_DURATION: The maximum episode duration in seconds. After this time, an episode automatically closes.

  • EPISODE_EVENT_TIMEOUT: The maximum time in seconds since the last event has been added to an episode. After this time, an episode automatically closes.

sudo vi /etc/ffsecurity/




See also

To see episodes work, navigate to the Episodes tab. See Organize Events with Episodes for details.

Grant Rights for Episodes

A user receives a notification of a new episode if they have rights for the first event. Viewing new events in the episode also requires proper rights.

The right for an event consists of the rights for a corresponding camera and watch list.


To see unmatched events, you only need the rights for a camera.

To manage rights of a role for the entire Episode entity, open permissions for this role and adjust the eventepisode permission.


See User Management.