Face Features Recognition

Subject to your needs, you can enable automatic recognition of such face features as gender, age, emotions, glasses, and/or beard. This functionality can be activated on both GPU- and CPU-accelerated video face detectors.

In this section:

Enable Face Features Recognition


This step will enable face features recognition via HTTP API.

To enable automatic recognition of face features, open the /etc/findface-extraction-api configuration file and enable relevant recognition models: gender, age, emotions, glasses3, and/or beard. Be sure to choose the right acceleration type for each model, matching the acceleration type of findface-extraction-api: CPU or GPU. Be aware that findface-extraction-api on CPU can work only with CPU-models, while findface-extraction-api on GPU supports both CPU- and GPU-models.

sudo vi /etc/findface-extraction-api.ini

  age: faceattr/age.v1.cpu.fnk
  emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.cpu.fnk
  face: face/grapefruit_480.cpu.fnk
  gender: faceattr/gender.v2.cpu.fnk
  beard: faceattr/beard.v0.cpu.fnk
  glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk

The following models are available:


You can find face features recognition models at /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/.

ls /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/
age.v1.cpu.fnk  age.v1.gpu.fnk  beard.v0.cpu.fnk  beard.v0.gpu.fnk  emotions.v1.cpu.fnk  emotions.v1.gpu.fnk  gender.v2.cpu.fnk  gender.v2.gpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.gpu.fnk  liveness.v3.gpu.fnk
Face feature Acceleration Configuration file parameter
face (biometry) CPU face: face/grapefruit_480.cpu.fnk face: face/grapefruit_160.cpu.fnk
GPU face: face/grapefruit_480.gpu.fnk face: face/grapefruit_160.gpu.fnk
age CPU age: faceattr/age.v1.cpu.fnk
GPU age: faceattr/age.v1.gpu.fnk
gender CPU gender: faceattr/gender.v2.cpu.fnk
GPU gender: faceattr/gender.v2.gpu.fnk
emotions CPU emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.cpu.fnk
GPU emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.gpu.fnk
glasses3 CPU glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk
GPU glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.gpu.fnk
beard CPU beard: faceattr/beard.v0.cpu.fnk
GPU beard: faceattr/beard.v0.gpu.fnk


To disable a recognition model, simply pass an empty value to a relevant parameter. Do not remove the parameter itself as in this case the system will be searching for the default model.

  gender: ""
  age: ""
  emotions: ""

Restart findface-extraction-api.

sudo systemctl restart findface-extraction-api

Once the models are enabled, be sure to configure the web interface to display the recognition results.

Display Features Recognition Results in Events

To display the face features recognition results in the event list, add the following line into the FFSECURITY section: ‘EVENTS_FEATURES’: [‘gender’, ‘age’, ‘emotions’, ‘beard’, ‘glasses’], subject to the list of enabled models.


This line must be placed between SF_API_ADDRESS and LIVENESS_THRESHOLD as shown in the example.

sudo vi /etc/ffsecurity/config.py

'EVENTS_FEATURES': ['gender', 'age', 'emotions', 'beard', 'glasses'],

Restart findface-security.

sudo systemctl restart findface-security

Face Features in Events

Once the face features recognition configured, you will see the recognition result for each found face in the following format:

Face feature Result format Example
Age Feature: age: number of years age: 33
Gender Result: male/female (feature: gender): algorithm confidence in result female (gender): 0.95
Emotions Result: angry/disgust/fear/happy/sad/surprise (feature: emotions): algorithm confidence in result happy (emotions): 0.99
Glasses Result: eye/sun/none (feature: glasses): algorithm confidence in result none (glasses): 0.87
Beard Result: beard/none (feature: beard): algorithm confidence in result none (beard): 0.91


Filter events by face features when needed.