Real-time Face Identification Events

To monitor the real-time face identification in live videos, use the Events and Episodes tabs. Besides monitoring, both tabs allow you to access the history of identification events. This section is all about the Events.


Take your security up a notch with episodes.


Search for faces through the event database and dossier database on the Search tab.


To perform the face identification in archived videos, see Face Identification in Offline Videos.


You can enable sound notifications for events related to specific watch lists. In some browsers, the tab with events has to remain in focus to get a sound played. To put a tab in focus, open it, and click anywhere on the page.

In this chapter:

View Identification Events

Once a face detected, you will see a notification on the event list.


A notification can feature different pieces of information, depending on whether a detected face has a match in the database:

  • Match not found: a normalized face image, detection date and time, the name of a camera group.
  • Match found: a normalized face image, the photo from a dossier, the name of a person, similarity between faces, the comment from a dossier, the name of a dossier list, detection date and time, the name of a camera group.


You can configure the system in such a way that you will get notifications only for the faces with a match.


In order to pause the notifications thread, click pause above the list of events.

When working with events, the following default filters may come in handy:

  • Dossier: display events only for a selected dossier.

  • Watch lists: display events only for a selected dossier category (watch list).


    To view only unmatched faces on the event list, select Unmatched in this filter.

  • Matches: display events only with/without matches, or all events.

  • Acknowledged: display only acknowledged/unacknowledged events, or all events.

  • Cameras: display only events from a selected camera.

  • Camera groups: display only events from a selected group of cameras.

  • Start, End: display only events that occurred within a certain time period.

  • id: display an event with a given ID.

  • Episode: display events from the episode with a given ID.

Face Liveness and Face Features Recognition

Depending on the system settings, you can see an estimation of face liveness and/or a result of such face features recognition as gender, age, emotions, glasses, and/or beard.

The face liveness detector automatically spots fake faces and prevents photo attacks by distinguishing a live face from a face image.


The liveness score can be null. It is so when the liveness detector is disabled or unable to estimate the face liveness in the provided image.

The face feature recognition result is in the following format:

Face feature Result format Example
Age Feature: age: number of years age: 33
Gender Result: male/female (feature: gender): algorithm confidence in result female (gender): 0.95
Emotions Result: angry/disgust/fear/happy/sad/surprise/neutral (feature: emotions): algorithm confidence in result happy (emotions): 0.99
Glasses Result: eye/sun/none (feature: glasses): algorithm confidence in result none (glasses): 0.87
Beard Result: beard/none (feature: beard): algorithm confidence in result none (beard): 0.91


Filter events by face features and liveness when needed.


Event Ticket. Acknowledging Event

In order to navigate to an event ticket from the list of events, click on the face recognition result in a notification (No matches or the name of a matching person).

An event ticket contains the same data as a relevant notification. It also allows for acknowledging the event. To do so, click Not accepted to change the event acknowledgment status. Click Save.



If a detected face has a match in the dossiers, you can navigate into a relevant one by clicking on the person’s name in the event ticket.


In order to acknowledge all the events, click check above the list of events.


Event acknowledgment can be automated for selected watch lists.