Licensing Principles

FindFace Security is licensed by the following criteria:

  1. The number of extracted biometric samples. In the course of the FindFace Security functioning, biometric samples are extracted from faces detected in the video and from dossier photos, as well as when building so-called centroids during person clusterization.

    Overall, the licensing scheme is as follows:

    • Events: 1 event of video face detection = 1 face in a license.
    • Dossier: 1 photo in a dossier = 1 face in a license.
    • Persons: 1 person = 1 face in a license.
  2. The number of cameras in use.

  3. The number of the findface-extraction-api model instances in use.

  4. Face features recognition: gender/age/emotions/glasses/beard/face mask.

  5. Face liveness detection.

  6. Integration with partners.

You can choose between the online and on-premise (aka offline) licensing:

  • The online licensing requires a stable internet connection. Upon being disconnected from the internet, the system will continue working off-grid for about 1 hour.
  • The on-premise (offline) licensing requires a USB port on the physical server with the findface-ntls component (license server in the FindFace core), that will be used to plug in a provided USB dongle.

For the system to function, one findface-ntls instance should be enough. If, for some reason, your system requires more license servers, contact your NtechLab manager beforehand to prevent your system from being blocked.

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