Anti-COVID-19 Biometric Solution

FindFace Security anti-COVID includes the outbreak and quarantine control system aimed to offer a hand in fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The FindFace Security standard algorithms, along with a targeted anti-COVID Management and Analytics module, can show a great deal of effectiveness in identifying those who violate quarantine while tracking the social interactions between the potentially contagious and promptly notifying respective authorities.


Anti-COVID key features

Social interaction analysis

Narrow down the number of potentially infected people with access to complex recognition and historical search.

Real-time violation tracking

The system recognizes home-quarantined people and sends immediate notifications upon their appearance in the camera view, even if a medical mask covers the face.

Social distancing control

With the power of silhouette recognition, it is possible to ensure social distancing regulations and prevent crowding. The system will send a notification once too many people appear in a monitored area.

Age detection

FindFace Security recognizes a person’s age, which helps to control older adults (60+) who are strongly advised to stay home at all times during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they are highly vulnerable to the virus.