Enable Dossier Security

If the dossier security is disabled, the dossier photos and attachments will be available by direct link regardless of the user rights. To increase dossier security, configure FindFace Security to run all media requests through the DJANGO application for ACL checks.


Enable the dossier media security only if you need it, as this setting has a severe negative impact on the system performance.

To enable dossier security, do the following:

  1. Open the findface-security configuration file.

    sudo vi /etc/findface-security/config.py
  2. Uncomment OVERPROTECT_MEDIA and set it True.

  3. Open the nginx configuration file /etc/nginx/sites-available/ffsecurity-nginx.conf. Uncomment internal in the location /uploads section.

    location /uploads/ {
       internal; # Uncomment if you intend to enable OVERPROTECT_MEDIA
  4. Restart findface-security and nginx.

    sudo systemctl restart findface-security.service
    sudo systemctl restart nginx.service