The findface-ntls service is to be installed on a designated host to verify the FindFace license. For verification purposes, findface-ntls uses one of the following sources:

  • Ntech Lab global license center if you opt for the online licensing, direct or via a proxy server.
  • USB dongle if you opt for the on-premise licensing.

Use the main web interface to manage findface-ntls:

  • view the list of purchased features,
  • view license limitations,
  • upload a license file,
  • view the list of currently active components.

The following components are licensable:

  • findface-tarantool-server,
  • findface-extraction-api,
  • findface-video-manager,
  • findface-video-worker.


After connection between findface-ntls and a licensable component, or between findface-ntls and the global license server is broken, you will have 6 hours to restore it before the licensable components will be automatically stopped.

The findface-ntls configuration is done through a configuration file /etc/findface-ntls.cfg.

## Address to accept incoming client connections (IP:PORT)
## type:string env:CFG_LISTEN longopt:--listen
listen =
## Directory where license files are stored
## type:string env:CFG_LICENSE_DIR longopt:--license-dir
license_dir = /opt/ntech/license
## Use specified proxy (MUST support HTTP CONNECT method) to access global license server (IP:PORT)
## type:string env:CFG_PROXY longopt:--proxy
proxy =
## Bind address for embedded UI (IP:PORT)
## type:string env:CFG_UI longopt:--ui
ui =

When configuring findface-ntls, refer to the following parameters:

Parameter Description
license_dir Directory to store a license file.
listen IP address from which licensable services access findface-ntls. To allow access from any IP address, use
proxy (Optional) IP address and port of your proxy server.
ui IP address from which accessing the findface-ntls web interface must originate. To allow access from any remote host, set “”.