Extra FunctionalityΒΆ

In addition to FindFace Server (installed on a single or several hosts), you can also harness advanced features provided by the following components from the <findface-repo>.deb package:

Component Description
fkvideo_detector The video face detection component fkvideo_detector extracts faces from a RTSP camera stream or a video file on-the-fly and sends them via REST API to findface-facenapi for further processing. Licensable.
findface-extraction-api With the findface-extraction-api component, you can flexibly configure the format of API responses to extract various face data, including the bounding box coordinates, normalized face, gender, age, and emotions, as well as the face feature vector (facen). Implementing this feature to your system can remarkably broaden the scope of analytic tasks it is capable of fulfilling. You can also use the component as an extractor of the face feature vector, i. e. as a findface-nnapi alternative. Licensable.
findface-mass-enroll The findface-mass-enroll component allows for enrolling faces to findface-facenapi from images in bulk.
findface-ui A web user interface which generally duplicates the functionality available via REST API. To be installed on the findface-facenapi host.
findface-tarantool-build-index The findface-tarantool-build-index component creates a fast index for galleries with the number of faces over 1,000,000.