Standalone ArchitectureΒΆ

FindFace Enterprise Server SDK components and neural network models can be deployed on a single host (standalone) making it easier to start deployment and cater to basic requirements of your applications. A typical standalone installation of FindFace Server is shown on the diagram below.


In addition to FindFace Server, you can also harness the advanced features.


Standalone installation can be done step-by-step or from a developer-friendly installer.


Component Description
findface-facenapi Python daemon which runs HTTP API. This daemon executes face detection functions, interfaces with MongoDB and findface-nnapi and tarantool@FindFace daemons.
tntapi (tarantool@FindFace as a shard) Daemon which enables interaction with the face descriptors index.
findface-nnapi Daemon which extracts a feature vector (based on neural networks). Requires the packages with models <findface-data>.deb.
MongoDB Database which stores faces metadata, galleries details, settings, etc.
findface-upload Nginx web server used to receive images using WebDAV.
NTLS Local license server which interfaces with NtechLab Global License Server (for network licensing) or a USB dongle (for on-premise licensing) and passes a license to licensable components.