Being integrated into specific solutions, FindFace Enterprise Server SDK can be used in such areas as biometric identification and access control, customer analytics, customer offer tailoring, offline retargeting, managing white and black lists, sorting and optimizing media libraries, borrower scoring, fraud prevention, employee productivity control, and many more.

You can integrate with FindFace Enterprise Server SDK in one of the following ways, depending on your purpose and resources:

  • Via REST API. This option provides cross-platform multidimensional integration with your own application. Allows for maximum flexibility, though it is more time- and knowledge-intensive, as you have to write more code.


    See Render Detection Results to learn how to use this approach to extend the video face detection functionality.

  • By writing findface-facenapi plugins in Python. This option provides easier approach to the FindFace Enterprise Server SDK functionality than REST API as it involves less coding. The drawback of this integration approach is that you’re bound to the Python programming language and hence need to have an experienced Python developer to write the plugin.

  • Through custom HTTP API handlers implemented to the FindFace API Environment in addition to the main REST API.


    The FindFace API Environment is powered by tornado.web.Application. To implement a custom HTTP API handler, use the add_handlers method (see the tornado.web official documentation for details).


    You can inherit from some ready-to-use HTTP API Handlers in your plugin (see Plugins).

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