Neural Network Models InstallationΒΆ

To detect and identify faces and face features (gender, age, emotions, beard, glasses, etc.), findface-extraction-api needs neural networks.

The neural networks models are automatically installed only if you opt for the FindFace Enterprise Server standalone installation from installer. In all other cases, you have to manually initiate the models installation. If you have installed the apt repository from installer, install the models from installer as follows:

  1. Execute the prepared file.

    sudo ./
  2. Select a component to install: findface-data.

  3. Select models to install. After that, the installation process will automatically begin.


You can find installed face recognition models at /usr/share/findface-data/models/face/, face features recognition models at /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/.

ls /usr/share/findface-data/models/face/
elderberry_160.cpu.fnk  elderberry_160.gpu.fnk  elderberry_576.cpu.fnk  elderberry_576.gpu.fnk

ls /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/
age.v1.cpu.fnk  age.v1.gpu.fnk  beard.v0.cpu.fnk  beard.v0.gpu.fnk  emotions.v1.cpu.fnk  emotions.v1.gpu.fnk  gender.v2.cpu.fnk  gender.v2.gpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.gpu.fnk  liveness.v1.gpu.fnk