Face Features RecognitionΒΆ

Subject to your needs, you can enable automatic recognition of such face features as gender, age, emotions, glasses, and/or beard. This functionality can be activated on both GPU- and CPU-accelerated video face detectors.

To enable automatic recognition of face features, open the /etc/findface-extraction-api configuration file and enable relevant recognition models: gender, age, emotions, glasses3, and/or beard. Be sure to choose the right acceleration type for each model, matching the acceleration type of findface-extraction-api: CPU or GPU. Be aware that findface-extraction-api on CPU can work only with CPU-models, while findface-extraction-api on GPU supports both CPU- and GPU-models.

sudo vi /etc/findface-extraction-api.ini

  age: faceattr/age.v1.cpu.fnk
  emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.cpu.fnk
  face: face/grapefruit_480.cpu.fnk
  gender: faceattr/gender.v2.cpu.fnk
  beard: faceattr/beard.v0.cpu.fnk
  glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk

The following models are available:


You can find face features recognition models at /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/.

ls /usr/share/findface-data/models/faceattr/
age.v1.cpu.fnk  age.v1.gpu.fnk  beard.v0.cpu.fnk  beard.v0.gpu.fnk  emotions.v1.cpu.fnk  emotions.v1.gpu.fnk  gender.v2.cpu.fnk  gender.v2.gpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk  glasses3.v0.gpu.fnk  liveness.v3.gpu.fnk
Face feature Acceleration Configuration file parameter
face (biometry) CPU face: face/grapefruit_480.cpu.fnk face: face/grapefruit_160.cpu.fnk
GPU face: face/grapefruit_480.gpu.fnk face: face/grapefruit_160.gpu.fnk
age CPU age: faceattr/age.v1.cpu.fnk
GPU age: faceattr/age.v1.gpu.fnk
gender CPU gender: faceattr/gender.v2.cpu.fnk
GPU gender: faceattr/gender.v2.gpu.fnk
emotions CPU emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.cpu.fnk
GPU emotions: faceattr/emotions.v1.gpu.fnk
glasses3 CPU glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.cpu.fnk
GPU glasses3: faceattr/glasses3.v0.gpu.fnk
beard CPU beard: faceattr/beard.v0.cpu.fnk
GPU beard: faceattr/beard.v0.gpu.fnk


To disable a recognition model, simply pass an empty value to a relevant parameter. Do not remove the parameter itself as in this case the system will be searching for the default model.

  gender: ""
  age: ""
  emotions: ""

Restart findface-extraction-api.

sudo systemctl restart findface-extraction-api