Shard Galleries Statistics

You can get a shard galleries statistics and other data right in your browser. This functionality can be harnessed in monitoring systems.


In the case of the standalone deployment, you can access Tarantool by default only locally ( If you want to access Tarantool remotely, alter the Tarantool configuration file.

In this section:

List Galleries

To list all galleries on a shard, type in the address bar of your browser:

:start is the number of a gallery the list starts with.
:limit is the maximum number of galleries in the list.

The response will feature JSON with the following fields:

  • next: pagination cursor to retrieve the next page with results, pass it as :start_id in the following request
  • total: total number of galleries on the shard
  • galleries: gallery list with the following data:
    • id: gallery id
    • name: gallery name
    • cnt_linear: number of faces in the linear space (faces without fast index)
    • cnt_preindex: number of faces in the preindex space (intermediate stage when creating fast index)
    • cnt_indexed: number of faces in the indexed space (faces with fast index)


curl \| jq


HTTP/1.1 200 Ok
Content-length: 170
Server: Tarantool http (tarantool v1.7.3-673-g23cc4dc)
Connection: keep-alive