Licensing PrinciplesΒΆ

FindFace Enterprise Server is licensed by the following criteria:

  1. The number of biometric samples extracted from faces detected in static images and videos.
  2. The number of cameras in use.
  3. The number of findface-extraction-api model instances in use.
  4. Face features recognition: gender/age/emotions/glasses/beard.
  5. Face liveness detection.
  6. Fast index.

You can choose between the online and on-premise (aka offline) licensing:

  • Online licensing requires a stable internet connection. Upon being disconnected from the internet, the system will continue working off-grid for about 1 hour.
  • On-premise (offline) licensing requires a USB port on the physical server with the findface-ntls component, that will be used to plug in a provided USB dongle.

To provide the system functioning, one findface-ntls instance should be enough. If for some reason, your system requires more license servers, contact your Ntech Lab manager beforehand to prevent your system from being blocked.