Add Custom Language

By default, only English and Russian languages are available in the web interface. Other languages are provided by request ( and added to the system via the /etc/findface-security/ configuration file.

To add a custom language to the system, do the following:

  1. Download the localization file provided by our experts into the /usr/share/ffsecurity-ui/ui-static/ directory on the FindFace Multi principal server.

  2. Open the /etc/findface-security/ configuration file.

    sudo vi /etc/findface-security/
  3. Into the FFSECURITY_UI_CONFIG section, insert the languages section and fill it by analogy with the example below.

      "languages": {
        "items": [
            "name": "es",
            "label": "Español",
            "url": "/ui-static/es_i18n_ffsec.po"
  4. Restart the findface-security service.

    sudo systemctl restart findface-security.service

The new language will be automatically applied to the system and from now on be available on the Preferences -> Appearance tab. You can at any time switch between it and other available languages.