Deactivate findface-liveness-api installed with FindFace Multi

If you don’t utilize the findface-liveness-api service installed with FindFace Multi and the face-based authentication does not apply to your system, we recommend deactivating findface-liveness-api.

Do the following:

  1. Stop the findface-liveness-api service and disable its autostart by executing:

    sudo systemctl stop findface-liveness-api.service && sudo systemctl disable findface-liveness-api.service
  2. Open the /etc/findface-extraction-api.ini configuration file.

    sudo vi /etc/findface-extraction-api.ini
  3. Disable the neural network model used by the findface-liveness-api service. To do so, pass the empty value '' to the face_liveness parameter.


    Do not remove the parameter itself. Otherwise, the system will be searching for the default model.

        face_liveness: ''
  4. Restart findface-extraction-api.

    sudo systemctl restart findface-extraction-api