Visitor Dossier

The visitor database contains dossiers on the unwanted visitors and VIP guests. A dossier has to contain one or several photos of a visitor and belong to a certain classification list (watch list).

In this chapter:

Create Dossier

To create a dossier on a visitor, do the following:

  1. In the web interface, go to the Dossier tab.


  2. Click Create.

  3. Attach a photo and specify the name of a visitor. If necessary, add a comment.


    A photo must meet the following requirements in order to be successfully uploaded to FindFace Security:

    • It must contain only one face.
    • A face must be of high quality, i.e. close to a frontal position.

    Photos that do not meet the requirements will be rejected with a detailed error description.


  4. From the Watch lists drop-down menu, select a classification list (or several lists, one by one) for the dossier.

  5. Click Save.

View Dossier

You can find all dossiers created in FindFace Security on the Dossiers tab. Use the Watch lists filter to filter dossiers by list.