General Preferences

To configure the generic confidence threshold for face verification, confidence threshold for episodes, and automatic events/episodes cleanup, navigate to the Preferences tab. Click General. After you are finished, click Update.


In this section:

Generic Confidence Threshold

FindFace Security verifies that a detected face and some face from the dossiers belong to the same person (i. e. the faces match), based on the pre-defined similarity threshold. The default threshold is set to 0.75 which can be considered as optimum. If necessary, you can change the generic threshold.


The higher is the threshold, the less are chances that a wrong person will be positively verified, however, some valid photos may also fail verification.


You can configure the confidence threshold individually for each camera, camera group, and watch list.

Confidence Threshold for Episodes

To construct an episode, the system searches the biometric database for recent events with similar faces with a pre-defined similarity threshold. The default threshold is set to 0.7. If necessary, you can change this value.

Automatic Event And Episode Cleanup

Use the same tab to schedule purging old events and related episodes from the database on a regular basis. You can purge matched and unmatched events/episodes on different schedules.