Fully Customized InstallationΒΆ

The FindFace Enterprise Server developer-friendly installer provides you with quite a few installation options, including the fully customized installation. This option is mostly used when deploying FindFace Enterprise Server in a highly distributed environment.

To initiate the fully customized installation, answer the installer questions as follows:

  • Product to install: FindFace Server.
  • Installation type: Fully customized installation.
  • FindFace Enterprise Server components to install: whenever you have to make a selection, first, deselect all the listed components by entering -* in the command line. Select required components by entering their sequence number (keyword), for example: 1 7 (findface-data, findface-extraction-api), 13 (findface-tarantool-server), or 9 (findface-upload). Enter done to save your selection and proceed to another step.
  • Related questions such as about the acceleration type: CPU or GPU.