Installation of Neural Network Models

To detect and recognize faces and face attributes, findface-extraction-api uses neural networks.

If you want to manually initiate the installation of neural network models, use the console installer as follows:

  1. Execute the findface-* file.


    Be sure to specify the actual file name instead of findface-*.

    sudo ./findface-*.run
  2. Product to install: FindFace Multi

  3. Select the installation type: Fully customized installation.

  4. Select a FindFace component to install: findface-data. To do so, first, deselect all the listed components by entering * in the command line, then select the required component by entering its sequence number (keyword). Enter done to save your selection and proceed to another step.

  5. In the same manner, select models to install. After that, the installation process will automatically begin.

You can find installed models for the object and object attribute recognition at /usr/share/findface-data/models/. See Neural Network Models.