FindFace Data Storages

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List of Storages

FindFace uses the following data storages:

  • Tarantool-based feature vector database that stores face feature vectors and recognition events.

  • PostgreSQL-based main system database ffsecurity that stores internal system data, records, and user accounts.

  • The /var/lib/findface-security/uploads directory that stores photos uploaded to records, video files, full frames of events, and thumbnails.

  • The /var/lib/ffupload/ directory that stores such event artifacts as normalized face images.

Feature Vector Database Galleries

There are the following galleries in the Tarantool-based feature vector database:

  • ffsec_face_events: feature vectors extracted from faces detected in the video.

  • ffsec_face_objects: feature vectors extracted from face images uploaded to the card index.

  • ffsec_face_clusters: centroids of face clusters.