Audit Log

The FindFace CIBR comprehensive and searchable audit log is an excellent complementary tool for user management that provides you with a thorough audit of the user actions and strengthens your system protection. You can access this functionality on the Audit Logs tab.


Each record provides the following data:

  • username of the user who performed the action

  • IP address where the request came from

  • device id: the unique identifier of the client device

  • action type such as authorization, search, object modification, restart, and so on

  • object type to which the action applies, for example, a record or a case

  • object identifier

  • details, subject to the action type

  • timestamp

Use the filter panel above to set up the search conditions.

You can create a report by clicking the report_icon button or setting filters → Apply and create report.


The report will be available for download on the Reports tab.