Welcome to FindFace CIBR documentation!

FindFace CIBR (Criminal Investigation Biometric Registry) is a forensic platform powered by a cutting-edge facial recognition technology. It is designed to conduct criminal investigations based on associated video footage and to search individuals across Public and Transport Safety systems.

FindFace CIBR forensic functionality

  • Biometric forensic databases. Upload the databases to FindFace CIBR by creating a Record Index and assigning records of individuals under observation to relevant watch lists (Wanted, Fugitives, etc.). It can be done in bulk. A record accommodates aggregated data about an individual: a face biometric sample, document scans, criminal record, and other information.

  • Case files. Upload a video footage of an incident or a photo to FindFace CIBR to detect and identify human faces in them. If there are individuals whose facial biometric data are in the forensic databases, FindFace CIBR will be able to spot them during this stage.

    Go ahead and process the facial recognition results, using a built-in tool. Tell apart participants from bystanders and identify suspects and victims.

  • Search. Search the system for specific individuals.

  • Remote alerting. Combine FindFace CIBR with Public and Transport Safety systems. Receive real-time alerts on appearance of specific individuals from remote facial recognition systems. This will help track the offender’s location and routes, detect alleged accomplices, find missing people.

  • Remote search. Search specific individuals in remote facial recognition systems.

  • Facial verification. Verify that two given faces belong to the same individual.

  • Reports. Detailed reports on search results and records.

Technical features

  • AI-based platform.

  • Developer-friendly installer and user-friendly interface.

  • Single- and multi-host deployment.

  • Increased performance and fault-tolerance in high load systems with numerous cameras and clients.

  • Network or on-premise licensing.

  • CPU- and GPU-based acceleration for your choice.

System security

  • Advanced user management.

  • Comprehensive, friendly, searchable audit logs.

  • Backup and recovery utilities.

  • Possibility of monitoring user sessions and blocking devices without deactivating user accounts.

Useful little things

  • Quick record index creation.

  • Extended set of search filters.


  • Integration via HTTP API.