Welcome to FindFace Multi documentation!

FindFace Multi is a multifunctional multi-object video analytics software, based on FindFace Enterprise Server, a cutting-edge AI recognition technology. FindFace Multi is a turnkey solution that you can harness in such areas as retail, banking, social networking, entertainment, sports, event management, dating services, video surveillance, public safety, homeland security, and others.

FindFace Multi can detect, identify, and analyze the following objects in the video:

  • Human faces, along with recognition of such facial attributes as gender, age, emotions, glasses, face mask, beard, and many others. The integrated 2D anti-spoofing system ensures that it is a live person in front of a camera and eliminates the possibility of fraud using images on paper or mobile device screens.

  • Human bodies (silhouettes), along with recognition of clothing type and color.

  • Vehicles, with recognition of such vehicle attributes as make, model, body style, color, license plate number, and others.

After FindFace Multi identifies and analyzes an object, it notifies responsible officials about its appearance within fractions of a second. Additional information about the object, such as a person’s gender, age, car license plate number, etc., is displayed in the relevant recognition event.

FindFace Multi supports the integration of third-party solutions via HTTP API and webhooks, so you can enhance your current system or application with multi-object recognition functionality.

Core features

  • AI-based platform.

  • Comprehensive records that can accommodate aggregated information about a person and a car/vehicle.

  • Fast and robust real-time video monitoring against a record index.

  • Multi-object identification and analytics: faces, bodies (silhouettes), vehicles.

  • Support for live video and archives, most video formats and codecs that FFmpeg can decode.

  • Advanced camera management, including ONVIF support, the possibility of changing video orientation, fine-tuning a camera for each object type, video recording (if enabled).

  • Multi-object verification: faces, bodies, vehicles.

  • AI recognition of gender, age, emotions, glasses, beard, face mask, and other face attributes.

  • AI face liveness detector.

  • AI recognition of an exact person and vehicle.

  • AI recognition of clothing type and color.

  • AI recognition of special vehicles, a vehicle’s make, model, body style, color, and license plate number.

  • Database search for faces, bodies, vehicles.

  • Possibility of counting faces, bodies, and vehicles on connected cameras and measuring distance between bodies. Single- and multi-camera counting support.

  • Video surveillance. Video Recorder.

  • Possibility of monitoring the presence of people in given areas, using rules and monitoring schedules.

  • Automatic clustering of objects of the same origin (face/body images belonging to the same person, images of the same vehicle), enriched with the end-to-end integration with the record index.

Deployment environment

  • Developer-friendly installer and user-friendly interface.

  • Single- and multi-host deployment.

  • Increased performance and fault-tolerance in high load systems with numerous cameras and clients.

  • Network or on-premise licensing.

  • CPU- and GPU-based acceleration for your choice.

System security

  • Advanced user management.

  • Authentication based on a password, certificate, and face recognition for guaranteed system protection.

  • Record security.

  • Comprehensive, friendly, searchable audit logs.

  • Backup and recovery utilities.

  • Possibility of monitoring user sessions and blocking devices without deactivating user accounts.

Ethical data usage

  • Full compliance with personal data protection laws (GDPR and similar).

Make the most of your system

  • Social interaction analysis.

  • Audience analysis.

  • Detailed reports on face recognition events, episodes, search events, clusters, counters, cameras, records, audit logs, and audience.

  • Face liveness detector as a standalone service.

Useful little things

  • Quick record index creation.

  • Complete record customization.

  • Deduplication support for events and records.

  • Extended set of search filters.

  • Scheduled database cleanup.


  • Integration via HTTP API and webhooks.

  • Integrations with favored vendors.

  • Edge device integration.