View and Create the Dossiers

This section is about the Dossiers tab.

In this chapter:

View the Dossiers

A dossier is a comprehensive set of information that aggregates the data on a person, including name, photo, silhouette, cars in ownership and many others. In order to view the list of dossiers in FindFace Multi Mobile, click Dossiers in the application menu.


To read a dossier, click on its caption in the list (a person’s name). Each dossier contains the following data:

  • Faces (a person’s photos)

  • Bodies (detected and confirmed silhouettes of a person)

  • Cars (detected and confirmed cars belonging to a person)

  • Watchlists with indication on which watchlict is the person

  • Activeness of the dossier (whether the person is watched or not)


Filter the Dossiers

Each dossier belongs to a watchlist, which is indicated under the person’s name in colour. The list of dossiers can be filtered by watchlists. In order to do that, tap filter on top of the tab and tap the watchlists you need.


Create a Dossier

In order to create a new dossier, tap add on top of the Dossiers tab.

  1. Select a person’s photo using the plus icon.

  2. Type in the name in the Name field (required).

  3. Add a comment in the Comment field (optional).

  4. Add the dossier to one of the watchlists (required).

  5. Tap Active to make the person watched.

  6. Tap Save to save the new dossier.


Dossiers can be edited in the same form they are created in. In order to edit a dossier, tap edit on top of the form, add changes and tap Update.