Welcome to FindFace Multi Mobile documentation!

FindFace Multi Mobile is a mobile client to FindFace Multi, a multi-functional multi-object video analytics system. It provides sufficient functionality that enables you to work with the basic functions of FindFace Multi on the go.

FindFace Mobile can receive and send detection events of the following objects to and from your mobile device:

  • Human faces, along with recognition of such facial attributes as gender, age, emotions, glasses, face mask, beard, and many others

  • Human bodies (silhouettes) along with recognition of clothing color (top and bottom)

  • Cars, with recognition of such car attributes as maker, model, body style, color, license plate number, and others

Apart from that, FindFace Multi Mobile allows the following:

  • Create, edit and view personal dossiers, which are then aggregated in FindFace Multi

  • View detection events using a set of handy filters

  • Search for detected objects and dossiers in the databases connected to FindFace Multi

  • View logs and system information