Set up the Application

This section is about the Settings tab.

For security reasons, the application settings are protected by the 4-character PIN-code, which is set and provided by the FindFace Multi admininstrator.


The settings screen enables you to do the following:

  • Change the language of the application interface (English/Russian)

  • Enable or disable the work in the background for battery saving

Apart from that, the screen provides the system information:

  • Server address (specified during authorization)

  • Application version

  • Client ID


The Send logs field displays the status of sending logs to FindFace Security server. In order to enable or disable sending logs, add the following strings to the /etc/findface-security/ configuration file on the server:

sudo vi /etc/findface-security/


   'MOBILE_LOGS': True,

   "settings": {
      "sendLog": True

For the detailed information on the configuration file, see the relevant section of FFMulti administrator’s guide.